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    s grand forums of baja opening lab

    Thread Contributor: DrBajaGrand Opening of Baja's Lab Forums



    Grand Opening of Baja's Lab Forums
    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome to the Baja's Lab Tech Community Forums! Here you can post about all things technology.

    Here are some features of this Baja's Lab:
    - Neat JavaScript Features
    - Advanced Profile Systems
    - Advanced Thread Editors and Themes
    - Great Loading Times
    - Private Messages
    - Friend Systems
    - Post Like Systems
    - Spoilers
    - Hidden Content
    - Upload Resources
    - Advanced Auto Media Embedding
    - And More!

    Site Theme Color:

    Post on our Suggestion Forums!

    You might be asking, what can I do here?
          Here at Baja's Lab you can post about all things tech, directly linked to the youtube channel,
    DrBaja's Tech Tips.
    You can post about new software, hardware, or even get support for anything tech. We even allow users to upload
    there own software with a new resource system for posts.

    If you are new here, you can create an account, it's completely free!

    Hope to see you on Baja's Lab!
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    02-24-2018, 07:25 PM

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    Baja's Lab is a forums site based on all things technology. Baja's Lab is linked to the Youtube Channel DrBaja's Tech Tips. Create and account and start posting, it is free!