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    suggestions minecraft guide rules official tips

    Thread Contributor: WolftopiaOfficial Suggestions Guide

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    Official Suggestions Guide
    [Image: vTQ7OWa.png]

    Hello all! Today I bring you a guide to making suggestions.

    What's a Suggestion?
    At heart, a suggestion is an idea. More specifically, it's an idea for a feature or update for Minecraft.

    "The crab would be a new mob that spawns on beaches. It walks sideways, and is neutral. It has 5 hearts, and will do 1 heart of damage if attacked. When it's killed it drops raw crab, which can be cooked to make cooked crab. Raw and cooked crab restore the same amount of hunger points as raw beef and steak."

    Is It Developed?
    Before you post a suggestion, you must ask yourself: is the idea developed enough?

    If it is just a basic idea (for example, an "extreme swamp" biome) and nothing more, then it should be posted in the Undeveloped Ideas thread.

    However, if it is a developed idea (like the the example describing crabs and their drops) it should be posted as a new thread in the Suggestions forum. Do not just request a mod to be added to Minecraft, and do not request a bug to be fixed unless it is an exploitable game mechanic (such as the way fishing or mob spawning works).

    Stick To One Idea
    Please do not post threads that contain multiple ideas that are unrelated. If the ideas are closely related, or one of the ideas is a part of another one of the ideas, it is fine. However, posting threads containing multiple ideas that are not related (called "wishlists") is not allowed, and doing so will result in the thread being removed.

    Be Persuasive
    Part of making a suggestion is trying to convince other users (and Mojang/Microsoft) why the feature should be added. If there is no reason for the feature to be added, the suggestion needs a purpose and should thus be posted in the Undeveloped Ideas thread.

    Always answer the following questions in your suggestion:
    • Why should this be added?
    • How is this feature balanced? / How is it not overpowered or underpowered?
    • Who would this feature benefit?
    • How would this feature make Minecraft better?

    Use Good Format & Correct Grammar
    This applies to both the suggestion itself and the title of the suggestion.

    Always be sure to use correct grammar (capitalization, spelling, and punctuation use). It is also recommended that you format the post so that it's easy to read. People don't want to read a giant wall of text. To fix this, you can divide the text into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

    Headers are also beneficial and recommended. If you have more than one idea in your suggestion, you should probably use headers.

    Accept Critiques
    If someone critiques your suggestion, be kind to them and thank them for the feedback. You don't have to add or remove what they ask you to, but you should at least consider taking their feedback. If the person is rude, don't be rude back. If people are breaking forum rules, though, you should report them.

    Use Pictures (Optional)
    If you can't quite describe the feature you're suggesting, or you just want to go the extra mile, you might consider including images in your suggestion.

    There are two ways to get pictures for your suggestion:

    1. Find one online. Here is one of the search results for "minecraft crab":
    [Image: wA4yQ.jpg]
    Image from the Crabs Mod

    One way to do this is to search for a mod that might contain something similar to what you're suggesting. If you're suggesting crabs, you could search "minecraft crab mod" or "minecraft ocean life mod." Just be sure to write/credit where you got the image from.

    2. Create the picture yourself. Here are some free resources that might be helpful in doing so:
    • Textcraft (I used this to make the top header for this post!)
    • Piskel (Great for making textures)
    • Blockbench (Can be used to make really cool models)

    Give Feedback
    When you're reading other people's suggestions, give feedback! If you do or don't like the suggestion, explain why. Be sure to be nice and helpful. Also don't say an idea shouldn't be implemented because there is already a mod for it. The user is likely suggesting something slightly or completely different from the mod.

    Have fun suggesting!
    03-13-2018, 04:41 AM

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