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Why Baja's Lab?

  • Security and Peace of Mind. Baja's Lab is built from the ground up in the latest and greatest of Microsoft's ASP.NET standards providing you unparallel security and peace of mind. Take advantage of the power of 2-Factor authentication with your Discord Account, Email or even your Roblox Account!
  • Brilliant Solutions to Complicated Problems. Take complete control of your Roblox Games with Baja's Lab. Use the power of HTTP Service to have all sorts of live functionality for your games. No more shutting down for an update, use a soft shutdown reloading all your servers while preserving your players and activity. Moderate users on the fly, detect exploiting and other fishy business, as well as make announcements and updates to your games.
  • Great Design. Using the power of HTML 5, not only can you moderate your games, but you can enjoy doing it with a clean and easy to use interface with plenty of features and options.
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