Baja’s Lab is a simple yet effective Remote Admin Panel service for your Roblox game. Connect any of your games to any of your unlimited panels! Logs all messages and commands, kick and ban rule-breakers on the fly, announce messages, and so much more, all from a remote website!

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Is this service free? - Yes, however, if you have a big game (lots of players and servers on every day.) you may be capped, if that’s the case consider becoming a Patron. Cap is 35+ Servers at once, with more than 50 players each. Or 50+ Servers with less then 50 Players each.

Where can I view your Terms of Service and or Privacy Policy? - At the footer of the website.

How do I set up my panel to link to my game? - Simply, add our Roblox model, which you can find when you create your Admin Panel, insert it and enter your Unique Panel ID.

How can I get in contact for account deletion, deactivation, or emergency password reset? - Send us an email at [email protected]

Frequent Problems (And how to Fix)

Help! I can’t sign into my Baja’s Lab Account! - Request a password reset at | You must have either a Verified Discord or Email to be able to reset automatically if you do not, send us an email at [email protected] or Shoot me a private message. Having your Roblox Account already Verified will help in the process of verifying your account ownership!

Another reason for not being able to login is because the account was deleted.

Help my service just doesn’t run! - This could be happening for a couple of reasons. Be sure you have “HttpService” enabled on your game. Another reason is that your unique panel id is invalid or empty in your script, or pointing to one of your other panels. Another reason is that the Baja’s Lab site is down for maintenance, while we will often announce if it does!

I’m not getting a confirmation email! - This might be because the email you supplied is invalid, please make sure you have a valid email. Another reason could be because Baja’s Lab Email service could be overloaded and might put your request on a queue if that is the case, please wait up to 24 hours and it should show up.

Note: I’m the only one working on this website and service, there is only one of me, just remember that!

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