Our Services

Discord Services


Log all messages in your Discord server to the Baja's Lab database for your viewing on the Baja's Lab website!

Discord Admin System

A Discord bot to ease your expierence as an admin on your Discord server!

Roblox Services

Application Service

Hire Roblox Users for your Roblox Group by asking them questions similar to an interview. All on your Custom Roblox Place, personalized to your liking!

Administration Panel

Take control of your Roblox games! With advanced logging of exploiting and the ability to kick and ban users all from a remote panel all for free.

Roblox Automation

As a developer take advantage of our API for Roblox. Including ranking of a user using your own created bot!

*Some features in this service are Paid.*

Advanced Logging

Big brother! See everything that is going on in your Roblox Games. Chatlogs, command logs, and more!

Adonis Admin System Support

Don't want to use our Admin System? That's ok! You can plugin adonis with our service with ease!

See home page to learn if the service/feature is published or not.